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Unleashing the Potential

Training Your Pup For Success

This comprehensive dog training series covers a variety of essential topics to deepen your bond  and create a well-behaved, happy pup.

The series consists of seven weekly classes, each focusing on a specific area of dog training. Classes are offered twice a week, allowing for flexibility in scheduling.

Class Topics:

  • Understanding Your Dog Through Their Body Language: Learn to "speak dog" by deciphering tail wags, facial expressions, and body posture to understand your dog's emotions and needs.

  • Understanding Your Dogs Threshold: Discover your dog's emotional tipping point for triggers like other dogs or noises, and develop strategies to manage situations before they react negatively.

  • Walk This Way: Mastering Loose Leash Walking: Enjoy stress-free walks with techniques to eliminate leash pulling and improve your dog's focus during walks.

  • Playful Learning: Power of Pattern Games: Make training fun and engaging with interactive pattern games that boost focus, communication, and self-control.

  • Building Blocks of Basic Skills: Solidify the foundation of obedience by teaching essential commands like sit, stay, and down, creating a well-mannered dog.

  • Crate/Kennel Training for Happy & Secure Dogs: Learn crate training techniques to create a safe haven for your dog, promoting relaxation, reducing anxiety, and aiding in potty training.

  • Safe & Fun Interactions with Other Animals: Ensure safe and positive interactions during playtime with other dogs or animals by understanding dog body language and play styles.


  • Strengthen the bond between you and your dog

  • Improve communication and understanding

  • Address behavioral issues

  • Create a calmer, happier dog

  • Make training fun and engaging

Who Should Attend?

This series is perfect for anyone who wants to build a stronger relationship with their dog, address unwanted behaviors, or simply learn more about canine communication and training. Whether you're a new puppy parent or have an adult dog needing a refresher, this series has something to offer!

Meet The Instructors:

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Kandice Koch, ABCDT

Kandice is the Owner/ Founder of Call of the Wild in Pequot Lakes MN

Kandices dream to become a dog trainer began young with her passion for animals. When she rescued her first dog and quickly realized that she had some behaviors she needed to help her work through. This fueled Kandices' desire to become a dog trainer not only to help educate herself but to help others like her in the same position learn how to communicate effectively with their dogs.

Kandice has obtained her certification as a Certified Dog Trainer from Animal Behavior College. There she was taught learning theory, behavior problem solving, puppy development, how to conduct and teach Training classes, and how to safely handle and train dogs.

Kandice has also completed other certifications in the topics of Doggy Daycare, Dog Handling, Dog on Dog play and Pet CPR.

Her training has helped owners develop a better relationship with their pet. She specializes in basic obedience and boundary setting while focusing on the reasons behind animal behavior, in order to improve communication between owner and animal through positive reinforcement.

In her spare time, Kandice enjoys spending time with her husband and friends. She has 3 personal dogs that she loves to work with and challenge. While the rest of her time is spent with her horses.



Hailley is from the Brainerd area and a recent college graduate from UW-River Falls where she earned a Bachelor of Animal Science degree with an emphasis on training.  She has always had a special interest in caring for animals, understanding their behavior, and training.  Overall, she has a passion for helping people and their dogs live harmoniously.


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