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Welcome to Northern Lakes Rescue!
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Animal Success Stories
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Winny (Buttercup) became part of our family in March of 2018 at the age of 3 months. She instantly stole our hearts as we learned that she loved the outdoors and all the activities out there, same as we do. Her favorite thing to do is be with us, whatever new adventure we are on. She would play hard when we were out and then snuggle even harder when she came in. Life was good and we couldn’t imagine it without her.

That summer, my husband and I got the news that we were expecting a baby - what a surprise. I started to slow down and couldn’t run with Winny each morning as much as we usually did before I went off to work and I could tell when I got home that she wasn’t playing as much as she was napping. So I remembered seeing that her sister (Luna) had been adopted out twice, and to no fault of her own, been returned. I remember trying to get some of my friends to adopt her back when the news came out on the NLR website, but no luck. Now that I felt Miss Winny needed another dog to play with and chase around, I contacted them about her sister. My husband was skeptical at first because Winny had filled our hearts and we were content. But he agreed to try a two week trial with Luna at our home and see how it all went. We had renamed her to Dot on our way home with her and soon learned that she was a cuddle bug just like our Winny.

The one struggle Luna had was food aggression towards other dogs- as one of her failed adoptions didn’t work out well for her- I felt for her and worked those first two weeks as much as I could to show everyone what a good dog she could be. She blossomed! We learned lots of commands quickly as treats are a real motivation for her (what dog can’t be swayed but yummy homemade apple yogurt freezes and pumpkin cookies). Even though they don't look alike we saw so many similarities between these two pups, and they became more and more playful with each other. When the two weeks were up my husband and I just couldn’t let her go so in Novermber of 2018 Dot joined the family.  We kept training and loving her through her struggles and soon had completely moved past her food aggression issues once she learned to trust Winny and us. We now have no room in our bed (as I stated before- these dogs LOVE to snuggle haha) but that’s just the way we want it. These dogs aren’t just well trained so we can keep them out of way- these dogs have become family. My girls love to be with us as we have gone camping, hiking, and ice fishing with them and the training helps them know what to do to make it safe and fun for us all. There are plans for many more activities this coming year as a new human member of the pack is set to join the crew in April, so stayed tuned because the Olson family adventure is just beginning!

*Our girls will turn one year old on New Years Day as they were part of the Frozen Litter. This litter was from a dog who had gotten pregnant and the owner’s couldn’t handle all the pups. The mom was fixed once they were born and returned to the original family where they are loving on her (and the dad dog) still to this day. NLR fostered all the pups and has now found safe-loving homes for all 8 puppies. We are so thankful to NLR for matching us up with these wonderful pups and being there for so many helpless dogs just looking for their forever home.

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